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First, you need to know…


It is a word we tend to ignore until its too late. You never know when you will need to have some survival skills, and unfortunately its usually too late to learn them while you are fighting for your life. There are some basics things that everyone of us should know, and fortunately, they are easy to learn. That is the kind of thing I will be teaching you.

Please note that you are responsible for your own safety and survival. You cannot expect to learn everything you need to know online and you should take the time to put to use and practice many of the things your learn here and elsewhere about techniques you may need to survive.If you don’t, you may not be skilled enough to do things like light a fire in the pouring rain, or make a shelter in the middle of the night.

So, learn it here (or through sources I list here) and try them out yourself. Also, sometimes the best source of information may be an ebook, or a product online. If I identify a good product or ebook, its because it is worth it for you to take a look at it, and in many cases, to buy it. So, I will be listing products you may need, or ebooks you should study.

So, please don’t complain about a product I list here. I want YOU to know this stuff, and to be ready to succeed against the pitfalls that may come your way someday. I do this so YOU will benefit.

Ok? Good.

Earthquake! How To Survive!

Here’s a great video I found. In this video Bear Grylls gives important tips and guidelines on what you need to do to survive after an earthquake hits. Believe, if you have never been in a big earthquake it can be horrifying and you have to keep your wits about you even though you may be violently shaken, disoriented, and possibly trapped.

The videos gives you important information that you should write down and have handy if you are in earthquake country. But, even if you are not in what might be considered earthquake country, an earthquake may strike your area any moment. Be alert and ready!

Survival Knives And Sharpening

You can’t ignore a good survival knife. I found a great video that explains more than I can explain in mere words and I wanted to share it with you. Take a look as Mors Kochanski from Four Dog Stove company gives a great run down on survival knives in the following video:

Pretty awesome huh?